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     Experimental basin of Tsiknias Watershed in Lesvos, Greece

Coastal Morphodynamics- Coastal Management and Marine Geology Lab of the Department of Marine Sciences (DMR) of Aegean University 

Tzoraki Ourania Ass. Professor, Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece
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  • Operation of water level stations, for example in Tsiknias watershed  in Prini bridge is opeating an

              addVANTAGE PRO 6.4 TELEMETRY station (give username and password: MITILINI), 

  • Water flow measurement and groundwater level monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring (physicochemical, nutrients, heavy metals, E-colis

Modelling: Use of a MODEL-TOOLSET to support environmental decision making at regional scale

  • KARST- Karstic model
  • FLOODS -Flash flood (tempQsim-HBV) model
  • NUTRIENTS- In-stream MONERIS model, Export Coefficient, LOICZ model
  • MOHID model


  • Management Plans of Crete, Evrotas, Cyprus. Beaches management Plans
  • Priority Substances - Environmental Quality Standards establishment for freshwater and marine sediment, instead of those for water;


  • Wastewater Re-use in managed aquifer recharge (MAR)
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) at basin scale
  • Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV)
  • Deficit Irrigation



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Maery Stamataki, MSc

2017 September DAAD funded Summer School on „Floods and Flood Risk Management“, Mytilene,   Lesvos, September 2017

Jade University of Applied Sciences and the University of the Aegean organized the 2017 Summer School on „Floods and Flood Risk Management“which took place from 17 – 23 September 2017. 21 Master students, PhD students and postdocs from Germany and Greece were selected to participate to a fully-funded six-day Summer School at the Department of Marine Sciences of the University of the Aegean on the Island of Lesvos (Greece), in Mytilene. Invited speakers from Germany (Prof. Joerg Dietrich, Leibniz Uni of Hannover), Italy (Vera Thiemig, JRC), Greece (Prof. Nicos Mamasis, NTUA, Dimitris Matzaris, Civil Protection, Lesvos) shared their experience and services/systems to the topic. Field trip was organized to visit the high flood risk areas of Kalloni and Tsiknias river basin and expensive instrumentation of the Aegean Uni was demonstrated on board. In a the ‘poster session’ the research advances of the participants were shared.

The scientific organizers were Apl.-Prof. Dr. Helge Bormann, Jade Hochschule, Oldenburg, Germany and Ass. Prof. Dr. Rania Tzoraki, Marine Sciences Department, Aegean Uni, Greece. It worth’s to mention that the Aegean Uni students and researchers showed an active involvement by hands on training in “flood risk” software tools and relevant instrumentation.

Photo snapshots of the 'on board' demo of the summer school

Photo snapshots of the summer school

Photo snapshots of the field trip

2017 August - Ljubljana Uni, Teaching mobility ERASMUS+ of O. Tzoraki

2017 March - Final conference of ERABEACH project in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

Protocols for the sediment budget from the terrestrial and marine environment were established and the budget was estimated for six Aegean island beaches.

Technical solutions and costs were given for beach nourishment and technical works.

More info at http://erabeach.aegean.gr

2016 September -Teaching mobility ERASMUS+ of Ass. Prof. Tzoraki to Chile

Are there in Chile intermittent streams? LONQUEN river an intermittent river of Central - Southern Chile

Common studies of Concepcion University (Prof. J-L Arumis) with the Aegean University (Ass. Prof. O Tzoraki)  show the intermittent hydrological regime

of the Central - Southern watersheds of Chile, such as LONQUEN river watershed.The combination of the low infiltration capacity of the schrink-swell

clay soils with the limited rainfall amounts drives the intermittent nature of the Chilean rivers that ceases to flow creating temporary ponds of special

ecosystem diversity.

Nutrients Pollution: Common risk of Chilean and Greek rivers

River basins such as Bío-Bío in Chile and Evrotas in Greece show the last decades a clear increasing trend of Nitrate pollution.

Methodologies to assess the environmental risk of nutrients in freshwater and restoration measures were important topics in the lectures of Ourania

in Concepcion University.

2016 August - Do German soils need irrigation water?

Climate Change affects the water budget of German soils and significant water volumes are needed nowadays to irrigate the plants of North-West Germany.

Photos from the field trip of 22/09/2016 in Illmenau catchement (Bhumika Uniyal, Joerg Dietrich)

Leibniz Uni., Germany 09/2014                        Conception Uni., Chile 11/2015    

Shanpshots from the field, Tsiknias river watershed, Lesvos 06/2016

Uni Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fez, PhD supervising, Prof O. Tzoraki Morocco 2017

Uni. of Aegean vessel, Lesvos 04/2016

Fume of the Leibniz Uni, Hannover, 2015, Training in the framework of  DAAD fellowship.

    2015- "Hydrological status of Mediterranean temporary streams",

presentation of Ourania Tzoraki as invited expert at the International

Workshop on Hydrological and water management problems

of semi-arid catchments: floods, irrigation and water quality,

9-11/11/2015, organized by Conception university, at Chillan campus,

Chile in the framework of Sus-An project.


2014- Teaching in Germany

The Institute for Water Resources and Environment hosted on September 2014 a Summer School for students of the

International master programme “Water Resources and  Environmental Engineering (WATENV)” and for the

master programme “Wasser-, Umwelt- und Küsteningenieurwesen” at Leibniz Universität Hannover 

(Germany) on WATER QUALITY & SEDIMENT TRANSPORT: Monitoring, Modeling and Management.

Instructors were associate Professor Evangelos Baltas from the National Technical University

of Athens, and Assistant Professor Ourania Tzoraki from Aegean University, Greece. Here you can see

an impression of the WATENV students working with the hydrological model  SWAT during the course